Fun Things to Do At Home

Learning about nature shouldn't stop at the Zoo! Here are some activities that you can do at home to have fun exploring nature every day.

Nature Explorers Cards

If you were an animal scientist which animal would you study? Explore this question and many more using our Nature Explorer Cards. All you need is the cards and a sense of adventure!

- (instructions and 21 cards) Designed to use at the zoo and anywhere outside.

- (instructions and 70 cards) Designed for all four trails of the zoo.

Blank Cards - a template to make your own card

Just the Facts Jack and Jill - Online Game

This online game will test your Zoo knowledge and make you a Zoo expert.

Games and Activities

You might have played charades before but what about Nature Charades! This fun game starts with playing outside and ends with a hilarious time with your family and friends.

Nature can be very inspiring and taking photographs or drawing can be so much fun. You'll need your parents help for this one.

The goal of this card game is to be the first player to gather all four cards needed to complete your habitat; food, water, shelter, space.

Birds are some of the easiest animals to observe: they are everywhere, there are many types, and they are usually fairly easy to see.

This easy to learn card game is so much fun you won't even realize you are learning about endangered amphibians - oops, we let the secret out!

We love when our Zoo friends share pictures of their favorite animals, experiences in nature, or better yet, trips to the Zoo!

Even More Ideas

- Discover fun things to do outside.

- Grab a book and explore a new world.

- Find more information about the animals that you love.