Make the Most of Your Zoo Visit

We'd like for every Zoo visit to be the best. So in this section we've provided tips for planning the best routes, a handy list of all the activities available at the Zoo, and a special guide to help start interesting Zoo conversations with your kids and family.

How to enjoy the Phoenix Zoo

By following these simple guidelines and using good manners, a great day at the Zoo can be had by all.

  • Do not feed wildlife or exhibit animals any food or drinks. Food and drink items can cause illness, and attract pests.
  • Do not reach into or throw anything into exhibits.
  • For your safety, stay on designated paths.
  • Recycle bins are located throughout the park for your convenience.
  • Animals are more likely to be active in quiet surroundings. Clapping, knocking on glass, or shouting will encourage animals to hide.
  • Respect plants and flowers by leaving them for other guests to enjoy.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on zoo grounds.
  • Do not wait until you are thirsty; drink plenty of water throughout your visit.

Helpful Tips for Planning Your Visit

  • Take a few minutes to watch our fun with your family to learn how to get the most out of your experience.
  • Don't forget the preparation! It sounds silly but sometimes we forget that being at the Zoo means being outside all day. Be sure to bring water, sun block, and any other weather appropriate gear to make sure your day is healthy as well as fun!
  • Before or after your visit your kids can learn more about many of our animals and where they are located through our online game - .
  • Help your kids learn valuable problem-solving and observation skills while having fun at the same time by using our during your visit.
  • Take time to see the animals - At many of our exhibits you may need to spend a moment to find the animals. If it's hot, look in the shade, if it's cold, look in the sun. Also don't forget that some animals may be up in the trees or even peeking out of a burrow.
  • Not sure where to get started? For your first visit we recommend a ride on the Safari Train to learn the lay of the land.
  • Feeling a little rushed? Visit the Zoo one trail at a time. This is ideal for those with a Phoenix Zoo Membership. The Zoo has four main trails: Arizona, Africa, Tropics, and the Nina Mason Pulliam Children's Trail.
    • The Africa Trail features lions, giraffes, cheetahs and many other species who call Africa their home. On hot days we recommend visiting this trail in the morning and stopping by Leapin Lagoon or Yakulla Caverns to take a cool-off break.
    • Bird lovers should definitely spend time on the Tropics Trail where you'll find a plethora of bird exhibits plus the Forest of Uco, Monkey Village, and Orang-Hutan: People of the Forest.
    • Young children will love the Nina Mason Pulliam Children's Trail featuring Wallaby Walkabout, Harmony Farm, and the Petting Zoo.
    • The Arizona Trail is a wonderful place to see the animals that share our home state. Mountain lion, javelina, wolves, rattlesnakes, and golden eagles are just a few of the Arizona natives you'll find here.
    • A day at the Zoo can be focused on fitness too by following our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Wild Walk trail. You can follow the map or just explore the zoo and stop at the various fitness stations throughout the trails.
    • Have questions? Feeling lost? Look for volunteers and staff stationed throughout the Zoo who'd be happy to help direct you or answer your questions about the animals.
    • Still have questions? Visit our area for more information about your zoo visit.


Yakulla Caverns - Just across from Monkey Village you'll find a magical place to explore - a cave that looks so real you'll forget its not! Yakulla Caverns is open year-round with the splashpad and water slide active March - October.

Leapin Lagoon - Right next to the Endangered Species Carousel is a fun place to cool off. The Leapin' Lagoon spray-ground is open March - October. Be sure to bring a towel!

Discovery Farm - Down at Harmony Farm near the Red Barn you'll find a playground just for little ones (18 months - 5 years). This miniature farm is sure to keep them busy.


Safari Train - The train departs every 20 - 30 minutes from the main station near the African Savanna and provides a 25 minute narrated tour of the Zoo. $3 for Zoo members; $4 for Non-members.

- Every animal on this carousel is handcrafted and unique. Located just next to the main plaza near Leapin' Lagoon. $1 for Zoo members; $2 for Non-members.

- Right next to Harmony Farm in the old Mill House you'll find the docking area for our pedal boats. Take a 20-minute ride on the lake. $8 for Zoo-members; $10 for Non-members.