Hello Parents!

Our goal is to make the Phoenix Zoo an enriching experience for you and your children.  This web section is designed to be your gateway to that experience. Here you'll find visit tips, links to Zoo activities, information to help with your child's homework or special interests and fun and easy activities for the entire family to enjoy at the Zoo and at home.


We'd like for every Zoo visit to be the best.  So in this section we've provided tips for planning the best routes, a handy list of all the activities available at the Zoo, and a special guide to help start interesting Zoo conversations with your kids and family.

Is your child a budding zoologist - or perhaps you are?  This section has loads of information for you and your family to explore including behind-the-scenes glimpses of how the Zoo works.

The fun of a Zoo visit shouldn't stop once you leave.  Visit this section to find simple activities to do with your kids at home, including our online game.  Your kids will thank you!

Trying to help your child with an animal report?  Point them here for a list of frequently asked animal questions and links to helpful homework resources.

Outdoor play is an important part of raising a healthy child  Visit here to find out why and receive great tips to help include outdoor play on your family agenda.