Field Trip
Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the bus park?

From October - May the school bus parking area is located in Papago Park just southwest of the Zoo's main parking lot. Students should unload in this area and follow the signs directing you to the Children's Entrance. Only buses transporting handicapped visitors and those scheduled for our Special Needs Programs on Monday mornings may enter the main parking lot and unload at the main front entrance to the Zoo.

From June - September buses may park in the main lot as the Children's Entrance is closed.

Chaperones should park in the main parking lot and meet your group at the School Group Entrance.



How does my group enter the Zoo?

From October - May all groups arriving before 11am should enter through the Nina Mason Pulliam Children's Entrance located southwest of the Zoo's main entrance. Groups entering after 11am should enter through the main entrance. Please note that the Children's Entrance closes at 12:00 noon and groups should exit the Zoo through the main exit. At other times or from June- September, the group may enter through the Main Zoo Entrance.

Please follow these procedures when entering the Zoo:

  1. Assemble your entire group before proceeding to the entrance - groups will not be admitted until all children and adults are present.
  2. Appoint one adult to bring your and payment to the window marked GROUPS - if more than one class is visiting together, only one adult, one admission form, and one payment is needed for the entire group.

Can we bring our own lunches to the Zoo?

Yes. The Zoo provides non-refrigerated storage for lunches. Be sure to clearly mark your group's boxes. Please note that for the safety of the animals glass containers are prohibited.

You may also purchase lunches in advance from the Zoo's Savanna Grill. Download and complete the School Lunch Order Form to reserve your group's lunches.

What are rules to follow during our Zoo visit?

  1. For the safety of our animals the following items are not permitted at the Zoo: glass, straight pins, balloons, toy guns/swords, noise makers and whistles.
  2. All students, regardless of age or grade, must remain with an adult chaperone for the duration of the visit.
  3. Please be respectful to the exhibit animals by not yelling at them, throwing items in their exhibits, or climbing on exhibits.
  4. Remember that all of the animals are on special diets and are not to be fed by anyone but their keepers.
  5. Please be respectful to other Zoo visitors.

Do I need to make my field trip reservation in advance?

Scheduling your field trip in advance will help us ensure that you receive all of the correct paperwork and that our admissions staff will be ready for your arrival. Many of our educational programs are available on a limited basis and registering early will give you a better chance to reserve the date of your choice.

What academic standards can field trips meet?

Guided Tours, Workshops, Animal Discoveries, Night Camps, Outreaches, and other programs are adapted for each grade level and are based on Arizona State Academic Standards. See specific for details.

Important Phone Numbers

School Entrance Fax 602-286-3825

Teacher Hotline (Field Trip Information) 602-273-1341 ext 7897

Reservations Fax 602-914-4328

On-site Programs 602-914-4333

  • Night Camp
  • Workshops, Tours, Animal Discoveries
  • Special Needs Programs
  • Puppet Shows
  • Educator Opportunities

Outreach Programs

  • Zoo to You (within Phoenix Metro) 602-914-4333
  • Zoomobile (Outside Phoenix Metro) 602-914-4329