Field Trips at the Phoenix Zoo

We're glad you're thinking of visiting the Phoenix Zoo with your students or educational youth group. The Zoo is an outdoor learning laboratory that can complement your classroom lessons in many ways. The resources on this page are provided to help make the best experience for you, your chaperones, and your students.

How to Reserve Your Field Trip

To schedule your Phoenix Zoo field trip simply follow the steps below. If you have questions, please contact our Reservations Department at 602-914-4333.

  1. Ensure that your group meets the and qualifies for our group rate of $5/person.
  2. Choose a date for your visit. We limit school reservations to 1,800 youth per day to maximize your field trip experience. Thursday and Fridays in February, March and April are the busiest times of the year. The Zoo is open every day except December 25th.
  3. Read through the section and decide if you'd like to sign up for any additional programs during your field trip.
  4. Download and fax or mail the .
  5. Our Reservations Department will fax you back a School Confirmation Form. This confirmation form is your "ticket" in to the Zoo at your special rate and must be presented at the admissions booth when entering. If you do not receive this form within 48 hours of your fax, please call the Reservations office at 602-914-4333. Please allow 10 days for mailed forms.
  6. Complete and fax or mail the or , if necessary, to the appropriate fax number listed on each form.
  7. Read and complete the Educational Group Admissions Checklist (sent with confirmation fax). Download and distribute the to all of your chaperones and ensure that each student has a completed .
  8. Remember, we require at least one chaperone for every ten students at all times.
  9. Come and enjoy the Phoenix Zoo on your chosen date!

Group Rate Criteria

The Phoenix Zoo offers a group admission rate of $5/person. To qualify for the Phoenix Zoo's school group/youth group discount rate your group must meet the following criteria:

  1. Serve as an organized, school, youth group or education-centered group.

  2. Minimum of 15 paying individuals (children ages 3 and above and adults).

  3. In order for Zoo members to use their member benefits, they must enter the Zoo through the Front Gate as usual and show their member card and ID for the family members covered on their membership card. If members enter with a school group, they will be charged the school group rate.

  4. Maintain a minimum ratio of 1 adult to every 10 students.

  5. If you are part of a Title One School with 50% of your entire enrollment in a free or reduced lunch program, you may qualify for our ZooReach reduced rate. Visit our for more information.

Important Phone Numbers

Field Trip Reservations/Information: 602-914-4333

Reservations Fax: 602-914-4328

On-site Educational Programs: 602-914-4333

Zoo to You (Outreach Programs within Phoenix Metro): 602-914-4333

Zoomobile (Outreach Programs outside Phoenix Metro): 602-914-4329

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